Photograph by Hellen van Meene for News time
News time

Next Generation Leaders

Greta Thunberg, Kim 'Geguri' Se-yeon, David Miranda, Tessa Thompson
Thunberg: Hellen van Meene for News time; Geguri: Brinson+Banks for News time; Miranda: Gui Christ for News time; Thompson: Gizelle Hernandez for News time

It’s been nearly five years since News time joined forces with Rolex to launch Next Generation Leaders, our biannual selection of rising stars in politics, technology, culture, science, sports and business. Previous honorees have gone on to lead countries, win Golden Globes, and take home Olympic medals. This new class ranges from climate activist Greta Thunberg to chef Tunde Wey, who uses food to challenge ideas about race in America. “The great thing about shaping this list is highlighting young people who are taking risks to create change,” said deputy international editor Naina Bajekal, who oversees the project. “They aren’t afraid to break boundaries.”

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Greta Thunberg: The Girl Who Went on Strike for the Planet

Tessa Thompson: Fighting for Representation in Hollywood

Tunde Wey: Using Food to Address Injustice

Ramla Ali: From Somali Refugee to Boxing Champion

Ethan Lindenberger: Standing Up for Science

Kim “Geguri” Se-yeon: Fighting Gender Bias in Gaming

David Miranda: Representing Brazil’s Vulnerable

Dina El Wedidi: Egypt’s Voice of Hope

Rosalía: Crafting a New Kind of Flamenco

CarryMinati: Embracing His Indian Roots Online

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