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I mean… it seems so obvious.

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This Kylie VR will appeal to fellas who: 1.

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The major variables are scale, position and the woman.

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I mean… it seems so obvious.

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If a professional VR porn studio points a high-quality rig close to a pretty and enthusiastic porn star, things are more likely to veer towards Horny Highway.

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Kylie Star - Euphoric Surrender

These JOI efforts are just a gal talking to a camera: and, think about it… this has got to be one of the most dramatically demanding types of porn performances. The cavemen were wanking to drawings on cave walls. Now, you may be wondering: What does JOI stand for? I mean… it seems so obvious. The drawings were done by talented cavemen artists: and, they featured cavewomen with exaggerated cave gal boobie boppers.

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