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But what if their charge couldn't get his dirty hands off their pinkhaired teammate?

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He kisses her, she slaps him.

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So Sakura accidently goes back in time and tries to fix it.

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Following a botched mission, Sakura is made a slave by Sound, a position that could very well alter the future…especially concerning a certain familiar missing-nin.

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It was about time his kids learned how he romanced their mother, Haruno Sakura. So Sakura accidently goes back in time and tries to fix it. With the help of a thirteen year old Kakashi she tries to figure out what she needs to change. He apologizes to her, she ignores him. Will her love for him prevail? But when Sasuke tells her he loves her, can Sakura tell him she doesn't? She's a victim of love, and Uchiha Sasuke is downright guilty.

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