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This is a somewhat short, I guess, Helen x Violet story!

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Helen just smiled as she watched her husband turn the corner and walk inside of the kitchen.

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Violet then gave her mother a very hard slap on her right ass cheek as she continued to enthusiastically do what she was told to do; she also eventually pulled Helen's tight-fitting yoga pants halfway down her fat ass, too.

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Violet simply kept her eyes glued to Helen's wobbling, juicy bottom as it continued to wildly jiggle each and every time she forcefully collided her trim hips up against of her own mother's warm, big, twin globes of succulent ass flesh.

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Still shaking around her mother's big butt cheeks in her hands, Violet then gave one of Helen's ass cheeks a really sharp slap as she flipped her left hand upwards, afterwards burying her face deep in-between of the older woman's large breasts. Oh, the things that you do to me, young lady," deeply whispered the mother in a sultry, sexy sounding voice. Not saying anything for a few seconds as he stared at his wife, Bob eventually shrugged his shoulders and put the carton of orange juice back inside of the icebox. Violet soon spanked her mother's left buttock before saying back to the brunette woman, "Shut up, Mom! Anyway, we'll be back later, Helen.

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