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I ended up with a really bad yeast infectio n and a trip to university health services.

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It took a couple days for the hurt to finally go away.

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And my friends haven't let me live it down since!

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Leanna Commins I'm Lee, a news writer and a millennial who doesn't like avocado toast — but don't congratulate me yet, because I still spend half of my paycheck on regular toast.

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He was very slow about everything, gently making his way down. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. It was terrible and embarrassing! And my friends haven't let me live it down since! I couldn't imagine going to the hospital with that problem! When he reached next to his bed for what he thought was lube, he accidentally grabbed the hair gel and used it as lube.

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  1. A fantastic clip but for the very poor videography by the Japanese standards.