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And then there she was, licking at the remains of my croissant: Eupeodes corollae, Migrant Hoverfly.

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And don't even get me started on the white socks with black boots look which seems to be very popular with the boys on Folsom Street

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After wearing these underpants for a number of years not continuously!

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Slow down by Let Ideas Compete.

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One of the patrons and later contestant at the cleavage competition at the renaissance festival adjusts her necklace. Seems mannikins are more well-endowed than they used to be by Niles Crane. Two hot guys sitting outside the Academie National de Musique, Paris. Friendly and well endowed Kawasaki rider. Florida Renaissance Festival - Pirate Weekend by vicequeenmaria. I couldn't tell if nudie liked it or was laughing as it was all so silly.

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