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EDIT: subscribed on deviantart too: Very keen to see this done.

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I loved her character back in WC

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Originally Posted by Oneirophobia. He who joyfully marches to music in rank and file has already earned my contempt. Eitrigg is a lv 75 elite in Northrend but the events of Cata take place after the shattering, but remains a lv 25 i think it was in org. Originally Posted by Nightclaw. Everytime I see Ysera in Cataclysm I'll cry a little inside. Nathanos Blightcaller, i was hoping he would play a bigger role in cata then a hunter trainer, sooo much talent wasted and what happened to him being the forsaken champion? He is suppose to be an advisor to Thrall and now Garrosh.

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