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You reach your climaxing point and letting go of this person seems to be the hardest thing you have ever done… You get emotional, and let out every emotion.

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There are the good, I swear.

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They make pansies of us because we actually follow their guidelines.

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Goosebumps fled my entire body while I gasped for air yet again.

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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Goosebumps fled my entire body while I gasped for air yet again. You never really realize the difference until one day it hits you like rose petals hitting the surface of a calm lake. And I know because I heard your moans And felt your tensions leave when I finally gave you release. And those things trigger the longing for them to wanna share themselves with you so that you can explore the unknown and go on another exhilarating adventure. In your arms is where I need to be. You start off with I love you. And slow and passionate he went with each stroke penetrated my soul my heart and all the emotions within that were left.

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  1. not much worse than some bitch trying to sing the national anthem while being throat fucked.