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Pegging is another great way to emasculate.

tumblr chastity mistress

The sound of her laughter rings through my head and makes me swell in my cage.

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Having and keeping its balls full will ensure its full attention towards you.

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Makes me all tight in my cage.

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So, show of hands who’s locked up?

She has the Magic Wand vibrator clamped on the edge of a workbench and I have to slide my well-lubricated cock through the sleeve on its end. I have been given the mission of promoting male chastity, enabling the females of the world to harness inferior males like myself by caging their genitals and controlling their sexual release. But they are also dumb creatures, easily conditioned and enslaved by the Superior Sex. May I masturbate now, Mistress? You will allow it to cum on occasion but you will also slowly take away its right to have that pleasure. Make sure it is chaste most of the time, free only in your presence from time to time.

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  1. It's at the start of the video. Not even 5 secs in man.