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PJ allegedly filmed several dates with JoJo, who was 19 at the time compared to his 30, which was something that didn't sit right with him.

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Let's get down to it — Is Total Divas scripted?

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But as there have been naysayers calling the show scripted, the aforementioned "Nattie" Natalya has insisted that it's real and raw.

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PJ broke up with JoJo, but that's the only footage that aired, which frustrated him.

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He asked to leave, and as such was told to break up with JoJo on TV.

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How Much of “Total Divas” is Real and How Much is Fake?

Let's get down to it — Is Total Divas scripted? According to PJ , the show is "about 90 percent scripted. It's a story we know all too well in reality shows. Like with any reality show, it's probably best not to buy into every single thing that happens on Total Divas as if it's truth. The reveals don't stop there. But how much of the "Total Drama" is real, and how much of it is played up for ratings? You should absolutely still enjoy it, though.

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