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Mixed-member proportional Additional member system Parallel voting mixed-member majoritarian Scorporo Majority bonus Alternative Vote Plus Dual-member proportional Rural—urban proportional.

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Other systems and related theory.

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Part of the politics and election series.

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Ballot Election threshold First-preference votes Spoilt vote Sortition.

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Some Bugzilla installations allow the use of cumulative voting to decide which software bugs most urgently need correcting.

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Typically, this is done with a voter making a mark for each point beside the desired candidate. If certain voters are seen as more deserving of influence, for example because they own more shares of stock in the company, they can be directly assigned more points per voter. By reducing the number of shares by one, the number of directors is reduced in the equation compared to the inequality. Voters are typically instructed to make only one mark per column. Unlike choice voting where the numbers represent the order of a voter's ranking of candidates i. Cumulative voting Binomial voting Proxy voting Delegated voting Random selection sortition , random ballot Comparison of electoral systems Social choice theory Arrow's theorem Gibbard—Satterthwaite theorem Public choice theory. A more common and slightly more complex cumulative ballot uses a points method.

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