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Anesthesia fetishism is a sexual fetish for anesthesia.

nurse fetish

The Internet has enabled people with this relatively rare paraphilia to discuss the subject and exchange anesthesia-related multimedia.

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Edgeplay may involve obtaining and scening with various anesthesia-related paraphernalia—usually anesthesia masks for breathplay , the acquisition of anesthetics for anesthetizing others or being anesthetized oneself, and the occupation of a medical setting or environment for the same practice.

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Medical fetishism

While rectal temperature taking is more prominent, there is also an interest in oral temperature taking. Older-style anesthesia masks of black rubber, still in occasional use today, are one of the more common elements fetishized, and have earned the nickname Black Beauty by many fetishists. December Learn how and when to remove this template message. This is considered safer than playing with anesthetic agents outside of a medical setting, but may nevertheless be an abuse of all concerned. Lust murder Necrophilia Rape fantasy Zoophilia. In sexual roleplay a hospital or medical scene involves the sex partners assuming the roles of doctors, nurses, surgeons and patients to act out specific or general medical fetishes. Asian sexual fetishism Ethnic pornography Sexual racism.

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