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She left for a career in Hollywood.

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His dick was about 10 inches long and very hard for me and there was hardly any hair on his dick!

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We have pulled into McDonald's and gotten out of the car when I realized I had started my period.

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After we woke up we drove back home and I went upstairs.

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Dad was quiet driving home and I was just in pain but it was the best first time and I will always remember this. Dad said OK and he started the car and drove. It was 3 hours into the drive when we stopped at a rest area to stretch. He spreaded my legs and slid right into me. Dad came and sat across from me. I went down stairs and my dog Pongo was barking he needed out so I let my dog out and waited for him to get done doing his business and let him back in then my dad and I headed to the car and went to McDonald's. Dad had left his dick in my pussy and sometimes he would thrust still and it would get me wet again.

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  1. I know this should be hot, but the title makes me feel too old and sad to have a boner.