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His beard and his tanned skin look really good on him but we could not ignore that little bulge on his pants that peaks in every single time he walks!

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He admitted and openly revealed being gay but instead of getting backlash, he received lots of love from fans.

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Prepare those eyes as you will be able to see these hunks in their yummiest state!

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Everything about this hunk Hollywood actor screams heaven!

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Imagine how his partner, Rummer Willis, feels every time she sees him on those sweatpants!

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And we can clearly see his happiness too! Charlie Puth We could only hope Charlie Puth was just really one call away at times like this. But anyway, regarding his photo here, yes, he needed to go shirtless, with only a pair of sweatpants on and hold two swords. Would you let this picture catfish you? Since they were at the beach they did not just get a glimpse of his proud glory in sweatpants but they also have a good view of his chiseled chest and his hard rock abs! Trey Songz Again Of course, at the end of the day, our hot singer was the king of sweatpants, the one, and only Trey Songz!

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