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However, there seems to be this idea that the only people who can "get away" with going braless are those with small breasts, since you can't really see much anyhow in a shirt.

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If you're cold or just want a bit more coverage, try wearing a camisole or thin tank top underneath your clothing instead of a bra.

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So if it's sagging you're concerned about, you'll actually want to start going braless.

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But the fact is that anyone can choose to not wear a bra and it's a perfectly legitimate choice.

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8 Ways To Go Braless When You Have Large Boobs Because Bras Aren't Mandatory For Anyone

You can really layer with anything, but jackets, big scarves , and undershirts are easy ways to do this. Bralettes are a great happy medium between wearing a bra and wearing a camisole, since they give you support, but are much thinner and more comfortable than your regular, everyday bra. And there are plenty of ways to not wear a bra so that it's not even apparent to observers, in situations where you may not want others to be noticing your lack of bralessness, like a job interview. I guarantee you'll be more comfortable! Keeping all of that in mind, here's how to not wear a bra when you have large boobs. This is probably the real reason bras are worn so much — they're basically a modesty tool, hiding the shape of your breasts and your nipples.

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