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All in all, not without flaws amateur vocal skills but a classic, original singer Amy Hartzler truely is.

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A down to earth, beautiful, smart woman, who has true talent.

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To see just how beautiful her voice is, compare it to 'Unfaithful' by Rihanna.

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She sometimes plays the piano too!

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A Deep Dive Into Evanescence’s Bring Me To Life Video

Her hair is gorgeous, her eyes are just divine, and she is not some blonde airhead, but someone with a great sense of style and that girls can look up to. Their Ablums to date are: -Evanescence EP -Whisper EP -Origin -Fallen Their works include: -bring me to life -going under -my immortal -everybody's fool -breathe no more She also did a duet with her ex, the lead singer of seether. I walked past a man on the street who said " AMY LEE sucks" I then proceeded to push him into a giant blender and press blend saying who sucks now bitch. She sometimes plays the piano too! Her long dark hair is very rare to be found in her time early 21st century , and also her voice and genre of music. The Frontwoman and Vocalist of the best band in this rockin world: Evanescence. There is even a version with Linkin Park in the background.

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