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Chopped is one of the Food Network's most popular and compelling shows.

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At the heart of any cooking show is, well, cooking.

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Nobody gets Chopped for cold food Getty Images.

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Beyond cooking shows, Food Network airs a wide variety of food-based reality programming, some of which isn't quite as "real" as promised.

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It has to be a real struggle to keep one's figure in such a strenuous work environment. Food Network's Giada de Laurentiis reportedly keeps those calories out of her body by literally ejecting them out of her body. Lucia Ivezaj, the owner of the Mount Ivy Cafe, which was featured on the series, reportedly alleged the show was quite staged. According to Today , the chefs reportedly have a pretty good idea about the "secret" ingredient by the time cameras start to roll. They're even given a short list of possibilities a few days before filming, and on taping day, they can guess which one producers probably picked based on the list of complementary ingredients purchased for the show. Food Network personalities are extremely busy. The staff also allegedly had to change clothes throughout taping so it would look like the show had filmed over the course of several days.

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