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He saw Kale and Kefla still on Kale's bed.

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Kale had rolled out of the left side of her bed.

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At this moment the shop door have opened, and a familiar blue haired girl wearing her.

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Usually it wasn't a very tiring job, however today a new shipment of card packs arrived to the store.

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Kale is sitting on a couch at Ayane's apartment.

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Kefla's Soles

She then noticed someone that looked like her mother in bed with her. She loved flirting with people that were bugged by her flirting. Alternative Universe Kale and Caulifla. Sadie knew that working alone, it will probably take her whole night to unpack all the boxes and place them on shelves, she couldn't help but feel a bit down about it. This was about 5 years after someone made the wish on the Super Dragon Balls to unerase us.

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