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This led many former draenei to lose faith in the Light altogether and despair.

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Understanding that they could not succeed in defeating the Horde, Prophet Velen was reluctantly convinced to flee the city before it fell, along with a small group of refugees, while enough forces stayed behind to give the impression that the draenei had made their last stand in the city.

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Having been persuaded and corrupted by agents of the demonic Burning Legion , the various orc clans of the planet Draenor united to form a new force known as the Horde.

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Provocation : The Orcish Horde , under the sway of the Burning Legion , moves to totally eradicate the draenei inhabiting the world of Draenor.

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Many degenerated into broken or lost ones , and lost their ability to wield the Light as their connection to it became severed.

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World of warcraft guldan GIF

This corruption emanating from the Horde's presence also affected many of the draenei who survived the initial attacks, often causing them to become mutated broken or insane lost ones. Meanwhile, the draenei, unable to counter the Horde's vastly larger numbers and newly-acquired powers, were in a constant state of retreat. This site is a part of Fandom, Inc. This article's name is unofficial. This is because no official name is available for the subject of this article. Now, they were directed to utterly wipe out the planet's other most powerful race, the draenei, who had been fleeing the Legion's wrath for millennia by moving to new worlds when they had been discovered. Using it to escape Outland what Draenor had become known as the draenei soon learned that the ship had been sabotaged by the blood elves they had seized it from.

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