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Phyllis was a regular ass hood bitch looking for a come up.

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He agreed to take my offer as i tickled the deepest parts of his ass.

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He cleaned my dick and balls with his mouth while i explained to him that he will be the one who makes my runs in the gay clubs and parties.

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I stood up and ask was he sure before exposing my big dick to him.

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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

I knew at that moment that his fat bubble ass booty was mine. I gave it another smack as i went back and forth in and out of that asshole with that deep stroke that make bitches and bottoms listen to daddy when he talking. But after she bought a few pills and ran out the door i sat down and rolled a blunt up. He submitted to the fact that he was weak for this dick the moment he laid eyes on it. You gonna start getting my money for me and this dick! I told him from now on when he goes to the club with his lil gay friends that he better call me and get a pack of pills to sell.

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