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Spoiler alert , Bachelor fans!

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One caveat with her being on The Bachelorette?

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Sorry, Megan, but it's not happening.

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Sorry, Megan, but it's not happening.

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Sorry, Megan, but it's not happening.

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Could Jade Roper Be Bachelorette 2015, Despite Her Playboy Past?

You can come to my apartment and eat pizza whenever you want, though. We all have cell phones — there are surely nudie pics of other contestants that were firmly nipped in the bud, so The Bachelor producers either missed this one or completely changed their age-old strategy. Of course, I'd bet 2, rose ceremony roses that Jade's Playboy past effectively disqualifies her from being the next lady-looking-for-love on The Bachelorette , which is sad because she was totally a fan favorite. Is Britt throwing herself under the bus to leave early and be the Bachelorette? That would apply here for the virgin thing. One of my favorite contestants is set to blow the lid off this contest by being the first-ever The Bachelor contestant to have posed in nude photos for Playboy : Jade Roper.

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  1. The weight actually makes her look less plastic.....

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