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I am due Feb 28th and am already planning a trip back to France [most of my family lives there] this summer.

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A lot of girls do take the time to answer their tweets.

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That was my first scene back after the baby.

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On the weekends, I have people over to my pool.

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Ava took a brief hiatus from the adult entertainment industry in following the birth of her son.

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He taught me how to talk dirty in French, because growing up in the states it did now come naturally. As a little girl I spent summers in Spain, Morocco, the south of France, and Normandy and I got to experience so many amazing cultures at a young age. This new title streets tomorrow, so get your copies now and give shoppers what they want! I think it made me more aware at a young age that there are so many different traditions, rituals, beliefs, and values throughout the world and perhaps that is why I am fascinated with Religion, Sociology and studying all these traditions and values etc… of many Countries. It was a pretty hardcore way to come back. Eager to indulge her kinkier sexual fantasies, in December Ava filmed her first ever Kink.

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