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In "Hiatus Part 1", Ducky unintentionally chastises Ziva for not asking which hospital Gibbs was taken to after the explosion; upsetting her when he implies that Ziva does not care for Gibbs like the rest of the team does.

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Tony calls Gibbs and Ziva assures Gibbs that Tony will be hearing from her before she leaves.

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At the end of the season sixteen finale, "Daughters", Ziva shows up in Gibbs' basement to inform him that he is in danger.

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I was not following orders.

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So I interpreted Ziva as a cool, competent woman, not the usual Hollywood sex symbol with big boobs, but [someone] who was comfortable in her own sexuality and used to working with men on an equal footing.

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University Press of Kentucky. She learns what it's like to have compassion and loyalty. Her relationship with Gibbs is shown to be a little strained after his reaction to her supposed death in "Family First", something which Tony had confronted Gibbs about at the time. She recalls him taking his children into the forest for "fun" blindfolded and making them find their own way back. During the course of her hate, Abby scribbles over photographs of Ziva, deliberately mispronounces her surname, and becomes annoyed when Ziva is praised. I would like my grandchildren to be doctors and architects. She is credited as being the only Israeli regular on mainstream American television as well as the "most prominent televisual Israeli".

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