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Continuity mistake : When Reba a Van come home from the store, Reba takes two boxes out of the bag.

reba bloopers

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Continuity mistake : In the scene when Reba has to talk Barbra Jean into marrying Brock, the bread goes from being in Barbra Jean's hand to being set on the table.

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Her coat was hanging by the door she put on her coat we just did not see it.

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Reba Tv Show Season 1

Reba: I know what Kyra is doing. Show generally Continuity mistake : The establishing shots of the houses in the series show houses that nowhere match with the interiors and how they are set up. The rounded edge of one plate is facing the broken, jagged edge of the other plate. Skating Away - S2 - E2 Revealing mistake : When Van falls from the roof, you can see that the backdrop gets hit and starts to move. Continuity mistake : During the scene with Reba and Barbra Jean after Reba's surgery, Reba puts a plant in the sink that suddenly disappears. Continuity mistake : In this episode, Reba drinks lemonade, however in " Safe Dating", she says she is allergic to lemonade. Show generally Continuity mistake : In the episode where Brock decides to quit his job, Van and Cheyenne come down the stairs in fancy clothes for there country club picture and Van's hat moves from being farther up on his head to lower.

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