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Zag RS explained that its goal was to use the antenna to broadcast a self-destruct code to every nanite on the planet, which would wipe out every living thing on the planet.

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Rex is given a tracking device rigged up by Doctor Holiday having forced herself to stay awake via electric shocks that will allow him to find Patient Zero the EVO that it's believed was responsible for the plague before she finally has to succumb to sleep.

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Rex takes the opportunity to play a prank one White Knight by claiming that he doesn't have the Data rod but the "not a priority" agents he rescued does which earns Rex their respect.

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Back at Providence White Knight questions why Rex hasn't defeated the rabbit yet.

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Rex calls Providence in and they arrest Quarry and his subordinates, Rex claims that his friends got away but he doubts they will cause any trouble. With the station stabilized Rex and the crew prepare to take the nanites and leave. Finding the group Rex gets into a fight with NoFace whom he discovers that in addition to immense strength and fighting skill can also telepathically communicate with other EVOs. Doctor Holiday wanted to look into the matter more and attached a monitor to Rex to collect baseline data which meant no stressful activity. Rex tracks down the trio at which point Tuck introduces him to Skwydd and Cricket. Instead the group decides to go to a fast food restaurant to eat where Annie fires a missile at Rex while retrieving her stain stick.

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