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As soon as the money was safe in their accounts, both woman quit their jobs, sold or gave away most of their possessions and moved to a nice lakeside house miles away from the nearest city.

diaper caption

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Reminder so people know where to find me.

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You first met Laura on a fetish dating site, the lovely brunet looking even more gorgeous in person than in her profile photo once the two of you had finally met face to face.

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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Sometimes, all we really want is to return to a simpler time, a time when all our needs were cared for in blissful ignorance by a loving caretaker. Both woman took great joy in slicing up every pair of panties they owned, knowing that they would never need another pair again thanks to the lifetime supplies of diapers they now had stocked in their own personal nursery, away form any judging eyes. Especially after that third glass of wine…. Judging by the smell from your other lovely wife, there was already one diaper in desperate need of a change, but that could wait until after breakfast. Emma gasped as she felt a warmth in her crotch, finally managing to pull her pants down enough to get a look at the diaper she wearing, a diaper that was quickly sagging from her accident. Reblog this if you also have one!

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  1. oh ... to feel the arms of one in the throws of love encircle me ...

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