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At that moment she squeezed his balls hard.

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Shifting herself off of the bed he heard her quick footsteps as she made her way around to the end of the bed, it dipping slightly as she placed her weight on it once more as she leaned in between his legs to reach his waist.

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Somehow they tumbled on the bed with Ash on top of Serena.

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When his mouth went there Serena gasped. Serena had changed her sheets for this night. That almost set him off, but as she continued sucking and her fingers continued sensually squeezing his testicles, his mind was steadily becoming clouded by the want to simply end the blow job and simply fuck her right then and there. And when she moved down his back and he felt her hands work their way underneath him and towards his crotch he was sure of it. He groaned at the pressure when her hand moved down to his testicles and gave them a squeeze, "Serena, I -" She shushed him gently, running a finger down his spine as she continued her slow, and gentle kneading of his testicles. Ash was grinding back just as hard as Serena. Well tonight she was going to give herself to her best friend.

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