By Ashley Hoffman
November 7, 2018

Of all the talking points that popped online during Election night, CNN’s chief national correspondent John King was a lighthearted one.

King was one of many news correspondents who stuck it out all night to serve up the 2018 midterm election results to the public. And as Jake Tapper and Wolf Blitzer talked politics at a desk, King took a beat on his cell. That’s when viewers captured snapshots of the news anchor in the background of a shot, interacting with the election map and his phone.

It appeared that CNN did not necessarily intend to film King at this precise moment. But whatever the reason we saw the map man in the background, the internet was positively gleeful to turn the moment into a hilarious catch-all meme.

The transition of power can be stressful no matter who anyone voted for, but thank goodness for “off-duty” John King.

See some John King tweets below.

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