By Cady Lang
June 12, 2018

With their 2018 NBA Finals victory over the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Golden State Warriors have officially clinched back-to-back championships — a triumph that no one is enjoying more than player Nick Young (perhaps better known as the irrepressible Swaggy P, a key figure in NBA drama and also for being the dude from this meme.)

On Tuesday, for the Warriors’ Championship parade in Oakland, Young got ready to turn up and celebrate his first parade as an NBA Champ, by arriving shirtless a la JR Smith, save for a bathrobe and with a lit cigar in hand, much to the delight of Golden State fans. Young and fellow shirtless player JaVale McGee were so popular with fans, in fact, that the parade actually stopped while they made their way through the crowd.

As might be expected, Young and McGee’s parade looks were a big hit online, where Twitter was quick to offer their overwhelming support to their celebrating.

Swaggy P wasn’t the only player with a notable look, however; Steph Curry also made a splash when he showed up in two hats, a practical straw sun hat and a “Run TMC” snapback that paid homage to another era of great Warriors basketball.

And Jordan Bell became the fans’ unofficial champion when he exited a parade float to drink Hennessy with a fan.

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