By Kate Samuelson
April 13, 2018

Dramatic footage shows a group of rescue workers running from a monster avalanche in the ski resort of Tignes in France Tuesday afternoon.

The workers can be heard casually chatting in French, having cleared a path from an earlier avalanche. All of a sudden, they are taken by surprise by a cascade of heavy snow down the mountainside and forced to run for their lives.

Video circulating on social media shows the workers, donning hi-vis jackets, running away from the tumbling snow as it hurtles over a transit tunnel and rapidly scatters across the main road. Fortunately no one was injured in the incident, .

In February 2017, four French snowboarders, including two teenage boys, were killed by an avalanche in Tignes. The group had been walking off-piste when the 400-meter-wide avalanche hit, the at the time. It appeared to have been set off by a group of skiers higher up mountain.

Earlier this month, three Spanish skiers were killed in an avalanche in the Swiss Alps, and two others were taken to a hospital with light injuries.

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