By Megan Lasher
May 27, 2016

In January, Mattel announced that it would create Barbie dolls with diverse body types. Now, the company is giving women a whole new cause for celebration: a .

According to , the doll will take after the Batman v Superman heroine, with an outfit “based on her cinematic couture featuring a royal blue hooded cape lined with gold lamé worn over a matching paneled skirt and red bustier. She’s also decked out in her signature gold tiara and lasso, bulletproof bracelets and shield.”

Most importantly: She has a sword, which, as USA Today points out, means she can “literally slay.”

The doll will be sold for $80 at this year’s Comic-Con festival, which will take place from July 20-24 in San Diego, and will be available for on June 17.

Read more and get an early glimpse of the doll at .

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