By Tessa Berenson
December 3, 2015

Hundreds of people attended a Wisconsin reading of a book based on a transgender girl after a local elementary school erased the book from its lesson plan.

The book, I Am Jazz, is based on the life of transgender teen activist Jazz Jennings. A reading and discussion of the book at the Mount Horeb Primary Center elementary school was cancelled after a non-profit threatened to sue the school on behalf of “concerned parents.”

Following the cancellation, organizers arranged a reading of the book instead at a library nearby. Amy Lyle, the lead organizer, said she was hoping for about 15 people to show up, . The reading instead drew almost 600.

“I knew that our Mount Horeb community was a loving, compassionate and inclusive one for all kids — I knew that in my heart — but you all have just shown that to be overwhelmingly true,” Lyle told the crowd.

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